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Twitter Web Chat Highlights

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Bracknell Bees logo Bracknell Bees Head Coach Lukas Smital joined Bees General Manager Ben Beeching and Chairman Andrew Cross on a Live Twitter Web Chat recently.

This was just the latest in a regular series which give the fans a chance to quiz the management and coaching team on the latest off-season news in the run up to the start of the 2015/16 EPIHL season.

The questions came thick and fast and started with Mark Taylor asking what the clubs goals were for the forthcoming season. Both Andrew Cross and Lukas Smital indicated that qualifications for the playoffs are the key priority this season and that the higher the league position the better.

Other fans also asked similar questions in regard to league positions and again Lukas and Andrew reiterated that playoff qualification was the key goal.

Another fan, looking around the league, had noted that all teams had strengthen and wondered if this had made player recruitment harder this season coupled with extra investment from team owners potentially pushing up player wages. Ben Beeching said that these factors hadn’t had too much of an effect as the Bees had identified what was required and are confident that they have accomplished what was required. It was also pointed out that mutli-year contracts and other contract options as well as owners working closer with better communication keep things like this in check.

When asked by a fan called Dan what the keys to success for the season would be Andrew Cross replied that he felt the first ten games are key to a really successful season and that the last two seasons has shown that, he summed up by stating We’re Ready! Lukas Smital added that from his point of view Discipline, team-work and hard-work would be key this coming season.

A question was raised in regard to tickets for the two home pre-season games on the last Saturday in August and first Sunday in September and it should be noted that tickets are now on sale for the Bees pre-season games and a special offer is in place for those buying tickets for both matches – more details HERE

Also another fan asked if Season Ticket applications had been received and gone well and whether confirmation notices were being sent out. Chairman Andrew Cross commented that applications are being processed this week and sales have gone well and continue to come in even now.

Mark Taylor returned with a direct question asking if the Bees can challenge the EPIHL Champion Telford Tigers. Lukas Smital replied that on any given night anything can happen – the aim is to compete and not go into any game ever thinking we are going to lose! Andrew Cross backed up these thoughts and added that owners strive for a chance that on any evening a result can be achieved.

Matt Fettel then pointed out that last season the Bees took a lot of PIMs and asked if the team would be slightly more disciplined in this area this season. Lukas answered by agreeing and saying that without a doubt the team are looking to keep penalties to a minimum by pointed out that sometimes that isn’t firmly in the teams control. Andrew Cross went on to add that although there are both good penalty minutes and bad penalty minutes - the bad penalty minutes will reduce for sure!

Ben Beeching also confirmed that, for discipline and coaching reasons, a decision had been made at league level to ensure all games are filmed.

Lukas Smital was also asked directly by Matt Fettel what, if he could ask the fans for one thing, he would ask? Lukas replied that he would ask the fans to Bee Loud, Proud & Positive!

A fan calling himself TopCat asked Lukas Smital directly if he was happy with the team he has signed over the summer and went on to point out that, in his opinion last season’s offense and defence were poor and asked Lukas how he addressed that this summer? Lukas replied that he was very pleased with the squad he has put together and believes the right blend of players has been acquired. He went on to add that the team has been strengthened in key areas with new players brought in and more depth has been added.

Several fans asked about the younger players and how they would be incorporated into the side and whether four full lines would be rolled. Both Ben Beeching and Lukas commented that the team had been recruited to play, not sit on the bench, and all will be utilised for the best results.

Finally, quizzed on sponsorships and how the search for sponsors had gone during the off-season both Ben Beeching and Andrew Cross said that things had gone very well and the more sponsors the merrier. It was also pointed out that in the coming weeks new and returning sponsors will be unveiled so keep an eye on the website for details coming.

The Bracknell Bees would like to thank all those that took part in the Live Twitter Chat and look forward to the next in the series.

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