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Basingstoke Bison 10 - 2 Bracknell Bees (14th Nov 2015)

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Bracknell Bees logo Basingstoke Bison 10 - 2 Bracknell Bees

Match report by Fiona-George Smith

The Bracknell Bees made the short trip along the M3 to face local rivals the Basingstoke Bison on Saturday. The Bees went into the game missing Carl Graham and Callum Fowler from their line-up whilst the Bison were missing Alex Symonds and Grant Rounding. Referee Dan Boardman took charge of the match with Justin Lalonde and Andrejs Korsaks running the lines. Tom Annetts started in net for the Bees with Dan Weller-Evans in the Bison goal.

Photo supplied by Bracknell BeesThe game began well as both sides battled for the dominant possession of puck, the Bison soon displayed their strength as they lit up the score board with the first goal of the evening at only 2:19 scored by Alan Lack with assists going to Ryan Watt and Kurt Reynolds. The early set back didn’t deter the Bees however and they pushed forward and equalised soon after the Bison go ahead goal at 4:06, scored unassisted by Scott Spearing, but only just as the Hiadlovsky in the Bison net was out of position and the puck slowly bounced over the line. The play stepped up a level as both sides pushed for their next, and go ahead, goal – resulting in plenty of chances for both teams. The Bison seemed the stronger side and this paid off as at 10:15 their second goal was scored by Tomas Karpov assisted Miroslav Vantroba. The Bees suffered the wrath of the referee soon after as at 12:44 Lewis Turner was given 2 minutes for clipping. The Bison took full advantage of the power play and pressed hard resulting in their third goal scored by Shaun Thompson at 13:35 with the assist going to Joe Rand. The Bees stuck at the task at hand but suffered again as Frankie Bakrlik received 2 minutes for elbowing at 15:19 after a scuffle in the corner with a couple of Bison players. Again the Bison made full use of this and their fourth goal was scored just inside the power play at 17:14 by Ryan Watt, unassisted. The rest of the period was very back and forth and the Bison took a late penalty on the whistle as Joe Baird received 2minutes for Tripping, timed at 20:00, giving the Bees some positivity for the second period.

The Bees came back onto the ice looking ready and raring to go and they made good use of their power play opportunity with a few chances but it wasn't to be as Hiadlovsky stood firm to all they could throw at him in the Bison net. With just four minutes gone the Bison netted their fifth goal timed at 24:54 scored by Ciaran Long with the assists going to Alan Lack and Joe Greener. The Bees though soon had another opportunity as at 25:34 Alan Lack received 2 minutes for interference. The Bees again pressed creating a few chances but again they couldn’t find a way through as the Basingstoke defence stood strong. Again the Bison piled on the pressure and created a lot of chances to score, but Tom Annetts kept them at bay as much as he could. Unfortunately the Bees defence missed an unmarked man and the Bison scored their sixth goal at 29:31, scored by Aaron Connolly with the assists going to Joe Baird and Kurt Reynolds. Bracknell responded with a change of net minder, with the disappointment of Tom Annett’s clear as he made his anger very clear once he left the ice. As the game continued the Bees again suffered another blow as at 31:43 Lewis Turner retuned to the box as he received 2 minutes for kneeing. The home side Bison once again made use of their power play opportunity and fired in the shots but we're not successful in finding a way past Alex Mettam who was now in the Bees net. The closing minutes of the period were fairly even with both sides creating a few close chances. The Bison again took a late penalty as the period ran down, at 39:25 Joe Rand receiving 2 minutes for slashing and giving the Bees a little head start for the start of the third period.

As both teams returned to the ice and the period began the Bees were looking for a way back into the game but instead it took three minutes for the Bison to score again, the second of the night for Alan Lack, as he scored at 43:04 with the assists going to Tomas Karpov and Ryan Watt. The Bison now chose to change their netminder at this point, feeling the lead was enough to offer their back up some ice time for the remainder of the match. The Bison again netted only twenty eight seconds later, timed at 43:32, through Joe Greener with the assist going to Ryan Sutton. The goal however was shortly followed by a penalty to Joe Greener for slashing at 49:56. The Bees converted their power play opportunity, when at 50:13 Jan Bendik found the back of the net giving the Bees their second goal of the evening, the assists went to Carl Thompson and Matt Towalski. Tempers began to flare and there was a lot of off the puck action until at 52:42 the Bees Frantisek Bakrlik and Joe Greener tied up and as they were heading to the penalty boxes Ryan Watt exchanged words with Bakrlik until David Savage separated them – Watt then struck out at Savage. The resulting penalties saw Joe Greener receive 2+2 for roughing and Ryan Watt 2+2 for roughing and 10 for incitement whilst the Bees Frantisek Bakrlik received 2+2 for roughing and 10 misconduct and strangely David Savage received 2 minutes for roughing even though his only part was trying to step in-between Watt and Bakrlik and receiving a punch from Watt for his troubles. The game proceeded and the atmosphere seemed to calm a little, the Bison were still the dominant side and at 56:42 came their ninth goal, scored by Shaun Thompson with the assist going to Kurt Reynolds. The Bees seemed to have lost momentum at this point and the Bison tenth and final goal came from Alan Lack, his hat trick, unassisted and timed at 57:20. In frustration Lewis Turner Lewis Turner reacted and received a 10 minute misconduct penalty which saw him leave the ice and into the changing room. The remainder of the game was played out fairly calmly, with both sides attempting that final goal chance.

Man of the match awards went to Scott Spearing for the traveling Bees and to Alan Lack for the home side Bison.

Match stats
Period scores: 4-1, 2-0, 4-1
Bison scorers: Lack 3+1; Thompson 2+0; Watt 1+2; Karpov, Greener & Connolly 1+1; Long 1+0; Reynolds 0+3; Baird, Sutton & Vantroba 0+1
Bees scorers: Spearing & Bendik 1+0; Thompson, Galazzi & Towalski 0+1
Bison PIMS: 26 (Watt 14; Greener 6; Baird, Rand & Lack 2)
Bees PIMS: 32 (Bakrlik 16; Turner 14; Savage 2)
Shots on Bison: (Hiadlovsky & Weller-Evans): 22 (8, 12, 2) & 7 (0, 0, 7)
Shots on Bees: (Annetts & Mettam): 25 (16, 9, 0) & 15 (0, 3, 12)

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